The Team

Our work at ACT Now Ireland is supported by the work of a dedicated team of ACT Therapists, Counselling Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists. We are based in Dublin however our services are not limited to this location and frequently give workshops around the country on demand.

 Aisling Curtin

Director of ACT Now Ireland

BA Psych, Dip. Counselling, M.Sc. Coun. Psych.

Counselling Psychologist, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Therapist, Facilitator & Trainer, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapist.

Aisling is extremely passionate and enthusiastic in her quest to bring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) out to anyone and everyone who will listen.  Her aim is to make key mindfulness and functional contextual concepts readily accessible and applicable to everyone by bringing authenticity, humor and personal experience. She has experience working across a variety of settings including psychiatry, psycho-oncology, community, public and educational settings.  She has made a hobby of giving public and professional ACT, mindfulness and FAP workshops whenever she travels abroad including a number of workshops at Harvard Medical School.  She also has a keen interest in the application of functional contextualism and the matrix, to intimate relationships, sexuality and sexual learning histories.  Aisling set up ACT Now Ireland, the largest applied ACT organisation in Ireland, which provides regular public workshops, professional trainings, 1:1. couples and group ACT interventions throughout Ireland.


Aisling completed her training as a Counselling Psychologist in Trinity College Dublin.  Over the past decade she has trained extensively in ACT.  Aisling also trained in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in the US with Zindel Segal, the creator of MBCT.  In the past three years Aisling has fallen in love with FAP.  She has co-led workshops alongside FAP creators Mavis Tsai and Bob Kohlenberg and FAP experts Jonathan Kanter and Benji Schoendorff.  She is passionate about these approaches as she has witnessed how liberating they can be across multiple settings and for many individuals.  Aisling is the President of the International Special Interest Group “Getting ACT out to the Public”.  She is also Vice-President of both the LGBTQA and FAP Special Interest Groups   


Orla Moran

Assistant Psychologist

BA Psych 
Orla completed her B.A. in psychology at University College Dublin in 2012. She also volunteers with the organizations Saint Vincent de Paul UCD and Women’s Aid Dundalk. Orla is very passionate about ACT and at present is pursuing a PhD in the area. Her present study examines the effects of mindfulness interventions on any anxiety and distress brought about by hallucination-like experiences in a non-clinical population. The overarching aim of Orla's doctoral research is to train young people to develop a flexible self. She is very excited to become involved with ACT Now Ireland and hopes to help ACT to reach more people. 

Jonathan Dowling

Assistant Psychologist

BA Psych, PhD (Candidate), Organisational Psychologist (Trainee)

Jonathan is a PhD Psychology Candidate at University College Dublin, and directly applying ACT and Psychology in organistions. His applied research involves combining ACT workshops with social skills training to enhance charisma, psychological flexiblity, empathy and perspective taking skills in organisations. Jonathan is passiontate about the ability of social and emotional intelligence to compliment ACT and imbue people with the skills to lead personal and professional lives of value to them.