Types of Workshops

Here are some points that will create a better understanding of what our workshops set out to achieve:

  • Offers a forum to learn mindfulness skills that can help people lead richer, fuller and more meaningful lives
  • Facilitates an interactive and experiential experience
  • A form of training rather than a treatment or therapy
  • Can be especially useful for people who are feeling a little “stuck” in their lives and want to get moving
  • Follows the idea that we can all learn skills to make life more manageable and to start moving towards those things in our lives that are most important to us

Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops are a great way to sample ACT and also gain an impression of what our more comprehensive workshops might involve.

Over 1.5 hours we cover the underlying theory of ACT, tackling various aspects month and offer the chance to experience some basic mindfulness exercises.

Monthly Workshops

We currently offer mini workshops every month from September to May. These take the form of certain ACT consistent themes such as “Committed Action” or “Staying Present” and give individuals a chance to focus on a particular area in their lives (and try out some experiential exercises if they like). 

Check out our event page and calendar for details. Workshops are typically on every second Thursday of the month at 6pm sharp.

             One Day/Weekend Workshops

One and two day weekend Workshops offer much more comprehensive training in ACT. Workshops are aimed at offering beginner and intermediate training in ACT and mindfulness.

From time to time we offer workshops with guest speakers from the wider international ACT community e.g. Kelly Wilson, Russ Harris.

If you are part of an organization or group and would like to have a workshop in your locality, please contact

Customer Loyalty Benefits

At ACT Now Ireland we’re aware that practice of ACT and mindfulness requires ongoing personal development long-term. To facilitate clients in keeping up their practice, we are happy to offer loyalty rates to those who wish to ‘refresh’ their ACT training.