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Break out of your Comfort Zone - 1 day workshop in Mindfulness & Values

Join us on Saturday 11th February 

ACT Now Purposeful Living Presents:
Breakout of your Comfort Zone for 2017 Mini-Workshop
with Aisling Curtin & Dr. Trish Leonard

6:30-8:30pm Wednesday January 11th 2017 PSI HQ, Floor 2, Grantham House, Grantham St., Dublin 8

This workshop is a "Pay what you can donation on the day"

If you would like to attend the workshop, please complete the following form: Breakout out of your Comfort Zone Mini Workshop

About the Facilitator: Aisling Curtin, a Counselling Psychologist and ACT Expert, is extremely passionate and enthusiastic in her quest to bring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness out to anyone and everyone who will listen and benefit.  Her aim is to make key mindfulness and acceptance concepts readily accessible and applicable to people by bringing authenticity, humour and personal experience.  She has experience working across a variety of settings including psychiatry, psycho-oncology, community, public and educational settings.  She has made a hobby of giving public and professional ACT and mindfulness workshops whenever she travels abroad including a number of workshops at Harvard Medical School.  Aisling is the President of the International Getting ACT out to the Public Special Interest Group and she enjoys writing fiction in her spare time.  She has published both nationally and internationally on the topics of ACT and Mindfulness.  Aisling is editor of Mindfulness and Acceptance for Gender and Sexual Minorities, due for release in 2016 with New Harbinger Publications.

The ACTing Mindfully series is a progression of workshops held once monthly between October and May that look at different aspects of Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT).  People are welcome to attend one, some, or all of these workshops.  There is a suggested values-guided donation of €20 per 1.5 hour workshop.  ACT is a mindfulness-based and values-guided approach to life that has a strong and growing evidence base to suggest it’s potential in helping people make long-term meaningful changes.  The aim is two-fold; to live more fully in the “here and now”, rather than in the past or the future, and to act in ways that are consistent with what matters most to us, rather than letting our unwanted thoughts and emotions dictate our actions.


ACT helps us to move closer towards this aim by teaching us six key skills:

1.      Connection to the “here and now”- how to be more connected in our conversations, relationships, activities and actions

2.      Defusion- how to recognise and “unhook” from unhelpful thoughts and thinking patterns

3.      Willingness & Compassion- how to build skills in managing our emotions more effectively and compassionately while taking action even in presence of pain

4.      Perspective taking- how to see the bigger picture and the ability to be able to see ourselves, our relationships, others and events from multiple vantage points

5.      Values- how to recognise and connect to what matters most

6.      Meaningful ACTion- how to consistently take steps, no matter how small, towards who and where we want to be


We know now that we remember relatively little of what we see and hear but about 90% of what we do.  So these workshops will offer attendees practical experience in learning and applying these skills to themselves.  Saying this, these workshops are the total opposite of “have to” workshops.  There will be a number of exercises offered that have been found to be helpful in the past, yet each person chooses how much or how little they are willing to engage to help them move closer towards who and where they want to be.

These workshops are facilitated by Aisling Curtin.  Aisling has been interested and involved in the world of ACT for over a decade and regularly gives workshops in ACT internationally.  She aims to help those attending take something meaningful, useful and practical to apply in their daily lives.


Future Workshops:

For the most up-to-date information on ACT Now Ireland, please check out the ACT Now Ireland Facebook page for daily tips on how to live more fully in the present and take meaningful steps towards what matters.  Alternatively, you can visit for details of upcoming events or call the ACT Now Ireland team at 01-4433307 or e-mail


*** It is important to note that these workshops are not “therapy” and not intended to replace any 1:1 or formal therapeutic intervention.  These workshops are aimed at teaching people key skills to apply in their lives.  ***